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Entryway Lighting with Multiple Pendants

Pendants Entryway

Recently had a customer that purchased a Modani Link style pendant light for her entryway. She had purchased four and wanted them all bundled together. She showed me an image from a quick google search and I had to find a creative way to make this work. The awesome thing about these pendant lights are that they are feather light and easy to work with individually, but in this case we had to figure out a creative way to have them all come out from one single base where the electrical hardwiring would take place.

More Balls!

Modani Pendants

I had fun on this particular project, I had to rewire the entire fixtures and make the cord longer than 10’ft because of the entry ways 20’ft. height. At first I thought it could not be done but figured out a way to take it all apart without being too brutal and break the plastics that were put together from factory.

Up they go…

Entryway Pendant Installation

Getting the right combination of height and just the right look as the customer envisioned is what its all about. In this case it took a couple of tries before getting it just right. I used a 16′ ft. high ladder to reach the ceiling and make the adjustments that I needed. Customer picked out┬áLED warm ball lights and worked out beautifully.

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Carlos Zepeda, Master Electrician with Bright Light Electric, LLC.