Lighting Installation at Modani

Modani’s Chandeliers


This is a recent lighting installation I did this past April for one of our favorite customers,  David from Modani of Dallas. The project was to hang (29) Chandeliers, Pendants, and Light Fixtures to an inaccessible sheetrock ceiling with no existing 50lb. rated boxes to support the weight and that were supposed to be installed during its recent construction (that was finished late 2014). So I had to come up with a plan that will not involve cutting big access  squares in the sheetrock and without involving other contractors to come behind me and make restoration repairs.

The Solution:

Having worked as a metal stud framer, drywall, and ceiling grid installer in my early years, helped me understand the mechanics on exactly how the a sheet-rocked ceiling is held together. The secret? Ceiling grid wires! I know that each ceiling grid wire is rated to hold about 64lbs and was the perfect solution to hold my electrical support box and attach all light fixtures rated under 50lbs. Now the trick is to do it through a 4″ round hole, where my 4″ electrical box would go. I was lucky the red iron or beam, where I was to attach my 12 gage wire to, was close enough to make it reachable and twist the wire enough times around the support beam to hold.

Celing Grid Wires

Sheetrock Ceiling Example

The Result:

The result is beautifully installed light fixtures, no real mess, clean, and a happy customer! We love accepting a challenge, taking it forward and were always confident we can find any solution as we progress through a project.

Lighting Installation

One of Modani’s Chandeliers

Another Lighting Installation Completed!

My relationship continues to this day with David, Modani’s Store Manager, and continue to help him with small lighting installs and other electrical projects throughout the store. They not only have a great taste for contemporary furniture but a great appreciation for the quality work that we provided. Call us for a free consultation at (214) 553-5333. We at Bright Light Electric, LLC can find a solution for your project and let us worry about how we can make it work.

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