Lighting Updates for New Home Buyer

Lighting Updates

One of my wife closets friends recently purchased her first home and had no clue what type of light fixtures to go with. Should it be a brush nickel theme or a classic bronze. Lucky for her, Bright Light Electric’s specialty is helping our customers with the light fixture recommendation, selection and installation, all while staying within our customers budget. Since me and my wife are constantly at the big box stores and spend a lot a time on the electric and lighting isles, were constantly on the look out for the latest and sometimes best deals when it comes to light fixtures.

The Townhouse

Our friends Townhouse is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with a one car garage. Every room had a light fixture from the early 80’s and needed desperate lighting updates.  My wife Sandra, who is also my business partner, has a great eye for finding  pics on Pinterest and matching them with fixtures similar to those at Lowes or Home Depot to fit a particular style.  For this project, Lowes had most of the light fixtures the customer preferred (they usually have more selection) and decided to go with a brush nickel theme.

Unforeseen Problems with the Electrical

Most of the homes I have encountered has some kind of electrical DIY by the owner or a handyman that was done years ago. Here is where you need a licensed electrician to not only make the repairs and avoid what could be a fire hazard but have the opportunity to make the installation safe and functional. The first was the living room fan was hardwired from an outlet, which means the only way to turn it on and off was by pulling on the fans chains, good thing this fan came with a wireless remote controller that we mounted next to a switch where it should have been controlled from. The same issue we encountered in the master bedroom, the existing switch controlled a outlet, so we rewired the fan to be controlled by this switch.

Happy Client

There is nothing we like to do more than to help with a client with a quick and inexpensive light fixtures to change the feel and mood of the rooms you will be using the most. Bright Light Electric is constantly finding ways to help our customers achieve that new feel to their house with lighting updates or lighting additions throughout the home. At the end of the day all that matters is a safe, clean installation and a happy client.


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