Meter Base Installation at Arts Bishop District

Meter Base Installation


This meter base service upgrade was a very challenging one because, a previous electrician had installed a new 200A Panel inside behind the old meter base and wired incorrectly with multiple code issues when it really should have mounted outside next to the meter and more importantly, done by a licensed electrician. Since this was a Dallas permitted job, I am responsible to make the necessary repairs to comply with 2014 NEC and City Codes and give the customer a “green tag” provided by the inspector.

Demo Exterior Service

Old Meter Base

The day prior, I contacted ONCOR for a “disconnect”  and my customer also let the electrical provider know we will be removing the actual meter, since it is their property. After the “disconnect” of power, I safely removed the old service and proceeded with the demo. Its very important to let the utilities know because there are fines to be aware of and procedures that take place before power is disconnected. (I like to take a small generator so that my customer has a couple of circuits to run the fridge and whatever else they need while power is down.)

Install New Riser and 200A Meter Base

This part is usually the easy part but in this case, I had to penetrate through (2) roof eaves. The holes have to line up perfectly and this can become difficult because the 2″ rigid conduit is heavy and you want this done right the first time. Once you have your meter base mounted, conduit and wire ready and terminated at the base, its time to temporarily splice the utility wire to your new service. This will provide temporary power until your get your inspectors “green tag”,  and only then, you call ONCOR back for a “reconnect and meter seal” .

Final- Green Tag!

New Meter Service

Its the best part of the job. Knowing you did a great job a safe installation, and a “green tag” in your hand to give your customer. Most of these houses still have the “knob and tube” original wiring so we made extra repairs, installed a couple new dedicated circuits at the same time improving the electrical integrity plus adding Arc Fault Interrupting Circuits (AFCI Breakers) giving my customer that extra safety element and piece of mind.